A Well Travelled Cupboard

A Well Travelled Cupboard

This bread and cheese cupboard (cwpwrdd bara caws) has had quite a journey during its long life.It was originally made in the small village of Talwrn, central Anglesey,North Wales ,between the years of 1790 and 1820. The familly who made the cupboard were the Williams familly, two brothers and a brother in law, who marked all the pieces they made by inlaying a pattern of diamonds and dots .This was probably made by the brother in law, who inlaid holly and mahogany lines terminating in fans at the ends of the central diamond.

The cupboard lived happily with generations of the same familly on Anglesey untill the 1960s when it was sold to a local antique dealer, he then sold the piece to a Dutch antique buyer and the cupboard set off on its travels .The cupboard lived for a short while with a familly in France, and then the Dutch dealer bought the piece back and took it to his own home in Holland

The dealer (who is a long time friend) then sent us some pictures of the cupboard as he was downsizing, and we decided it was time for it to come home to Anglesey. Where will it travel to next?

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