Y Gwylliaid

Y Gwylliaid

Warriors of the dusk (y Gwylliaid)

In the 13 th century, North Wales, then known as Gwynedd, was divided amongst the 15 noble tribes, As the parish of Llanrwst was home to the Gwylliaid who refused to recognise the law or authority, none of the tribes wanted Llanrwst, so it became an independant state hence the saying CYMRU, LLOEGR A LLANRWST (WALES, ENGLAND AND LLANRWST.)

The carving is a 17th century depiction of a Gwylliad.  Shaven headed, pear shaped face and with lentoid eyes typical of the Celtic race, and was carved by the familly of Llanrwst carvers reputed to be the carvers of  Gwydyr Castle and Maenan Abbey, and bears a striking resemblance to the pew ends and rood screen carvings in the Wynn Chapel, Llanrwst.

Legend has it that when all other men sported facial hair, the Gwylliad shaved all theirs and by so doing terrified their enemies.(and everyone else)

This carving was purchased from athe son of a very reputable antique dealer, now deceased, who purchased it from the said familly of woodcarvers in the mid 1950s

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