Bentwood food boxes


Mid 19th century
Oak or possibly Ash.
These bentwood boxes were once the property of M.J.(John) Morgans, a leather currier of Brecon and later a resident of Anglesey.
The work of the currier was to stretch and colour the tanned leather ready for making into garments or shoes.
John Morgans was working in a slaughterhouse and tannery in Brecon in February 1879 and advertising in the Western Mail for a youth to work a machine to make shoe uppers
One of the boxed has a brass plaque bearing the name. M J Morgans, currier, and has a later handle, and a wooden bolt for closing the lid

Box 1..
Height 8 inches including handle
Height of box 4 1/4 inches
Length 10 1/2 inches
Width 6 inches

Box 2. ( with brass plaque)
Height 9 inches including handle
Height of box 4 inches
Length 11 1/2 inches
Width 7 1/2 inches